NESTLÉ GREGO SECTOR Food and Beverage EXPERTISE Packaging Design Nestlé DPA, one of the greatest companies of yogurt in Brazil, was the pioneer in the introduction of Greek type yogurt in the country. Since then, the market has evolved a lot and the visual identity of the category has tried versions of the players that


BROTO LEGAL SECTOR Food and Beverage EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging A company with over 50 years in the market of rice and bean, and one of the most renowned brands in São Paulo´s countryside, Broto Legal was changing all its structure. After the acquisition by a new economic group, the brand got a new direction:


KANGAI SECTOR Food and Beverage EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Along with the complete redesign of Broto Legal packaging and lines, the company is starting a new moment, which focus is to become, increasingly, an important player in the rice and bean segment. INFO CHALLENGE From a strategic project of expansion of its line of products,


TAUÁ SETOR Hospitality EXPERTISE Branding Brand Identity With more than 30 years of operation, Grupo Tauá de Hotéis felt the need to carry out a broad Branding project in order to reorganize its main brand equities. INFO CHALLENGE Our initial challenge was to answer the following question: what is the main value delivered by the


PIMPOLHO SECTOR Retail EXPERTISE Graphic design Packaging Pimpolho, a children's brand that is present throughout the country and in more than 40 countries, seeking to make its brand more competitive in the children's fashion market and prepare for online sales of products, sought Pande as a partner to assist in decisions on the best differentiation

TRES Regiões do Mundo

TRES Regiões do Mundo SECTOR Food and Beverage EXPERTISE Design Gráfico Embalagens 3 Corações, the national leader in retail coffee sales, saw the imminence of a transformation of its segment: increasing demand for specialty coffee. Pande assisted in the creation of the coffee line that commercializes special batch productions of traditional coffee growing regions Brazilians.


MANTIQUEIRA SECTOR Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Granja Mantiqueira started with only 30 thousand chicken in the late 80s, in the town of Itanhandu, Minas Gerais. The company represents a paradigm shift in the national avicultural business, for bringing european innovations in process automation to brazilian farms. INFORMATION CHALLENGE Starting its egg production


ZEST SEGMENT Retail EXPERTISE Naming Brand naming Identidade de Marca Ambientação & Sinalização Attentive to the consumer with greater purchasing power, the entrepreneurs Dulce and Priscila, from São José dos Campos, decided to extend their performance to a new model of retail food retail business. PANDE was responsible for helping them translate their goals into


Almond Breeze - Blue Diamond Almonds
ALMOND BREEZE SEGMENT Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Blue Diamond Growers, an american co-op which produces and processes almonds based in Sacramento, CA, along with Brazilian Laticínios Bela Vista, brings to Brazil its almond drink brand Almond Breeze.   INFO CHALLENGE The process started with understanding the brand and the company’s mission and


CCBC SECTOR Food and drinks EXPERTISE Graphic Design Brand Identity The Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC) is an independent organization, the essential role of which is to stimulate, support and expand trade, as well as cultural and technological relationship between Brazil and Canada, within a secure and reliable environment. INFORMATION CHALLENGE Based upon the understanding