The company is one of the pioneers in the marketing of brown rice in Brazil and one of the main responsible agents for the construction of the category of grains mixed with rice. Ráris is owned by Mars, one of the largest privately held corporations in the United States and owner of some of the world’s most popular brands, including M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, and the pet foods Pedigree and Whiskas. Pande, in its partnership with Mars, has had the privilege of working, at various stages of development, with each of these brands.

Aligned with the trends of healthy eating, over the past few years, the category of special rice has been transforming a lot. Starting from this panorama, the project was scaled by a strategic design approach that began with market research in order to understand the consumer perspective, and the dynamics of the category, developed in connection with a study of the history of the brand, competitors and their differentials.


Having this diagnosis as a starting point, a strategic direction was created for each of the products (which had launches of variants such as quinoa and a new line of ready-made products). We sought a new visual identity appropriate to the brand and product lines. We defined, together with the Mars team, that Ráris should enhance its main elements of distinction for a better market performance. Another important demand was the redesign of the logo, whose difficult readability caused some confusion regarding the brand name.

The logo has been redesigned, solving the readability problem. All packaging was renewed based on the premise of reducing the number of elements and enhancing the distinctiveness of the packages, thus ensuring greater prominence at the point of sale. Solid standards were created for the extension of the line, such as the Express line of ready-made products, and new solutions for the launches, contemplating the expansion of the brand’s product portfolio.


In the new design, the grains of each of the variants were included as a distinctive component attached to the logo. This inclusion alludes to the sun, conveying positivity and quality of life, elements aligned with the essence of the brand. There was a visual redefinition from the premise that defined the reduction of the number of layout elements, this allowed emphasizing the characteristic aspects of each product. The distinction of the color range of the variants and the image with the bowl of grains make the packaging more noticeable on the shelves. In line with current trends, 2 windows have been included (one on the rear panel and one on the front) that allow the visualization of the product and ensure transparency regarding the quantity and quality of the grains.


The new items of the Ráris Express line have gained a strip that highlights and clarifies the differential of the product: ready in 2 min in the microwave. These are new proposals to the category that has remained static for years. The dynamism of this project guarantees the possibility of an even greater expansion of the horizon of Ráris.