Meu Pé de Árvore

At this time where we are experiencing an unprecedented environmental crisis, it is important to recognize our responsibility in the destruction of the non-renewable natural resources that are fundamental to the existence. We are suffering the effects of the choices we make in our daily lives. If we are the cause of the problems, the necessary actions to solve them should come from us. Considering this premise, Meu Pé de Árvore makes it possible to finance the recovery of degraded areas, through the restoration of Amazonian ecosystems, intermediating the financing of partner companies in the planting of trees with family farmers and traditional communities in the region. This practice empowers the local community, stimulates the agroecological production of food and products of the Amazonian bioeconomy, providing the maintenance of important ecosystem services such as water supply, biodiversity, fiber and pollinators that are essential for the maintenance of life.

The concern with the environment has been growing progressively: governments, companies of all sizes, NGOs, the media, and educational institutions are increasingly mobilizing to stop and reverse the environmental degradation. We, from Pande agency (an agency whose name comes from Tupi-Guarani) are supporters of this cause and have embraced the partnership with the startup Meu Pé de Árvore. We investigated the sustainability scenario in the Amazon, as well as the specific action of this initiative to develop a visual identity compatible with the startup’s delivery, in order to convey credibility and demonstrate the value of a sustainable investment, vital to the entire Globe. The word ‘Pande’ means ‘all of us’. Nothing can be more coherent and pleasurable than supporting a cause whose effect, literally, benefits all of us.

Inspired by a lyrics fragment of the song Canção pra Amazônia, by Nando Reis and Carlos Rennó:


“Swallowed by the sweating forest

The water that evaporates, rises and turns

From underground river to atmospheric river

more voluminous than the Amazon

the flying rivers distribute

its clear vapors that flow

to the South-Central, reaching other areas”.

We translated this part of the song into a clean, graphic mark. The main design was inspired by the atmospheric rivers, the treetop is inspired by the curves of the Amazon river, the circular orange elements that fall from the tree represent, at the same time, the evaporating water (humidity responsible for the formation of the atmospheric rivers) and the falling fruits symbolize the natural process of SEEDING the soil and guarantee the process of renewal and maintenance of life not only in the Amazon region but in all other areas of the Earth.