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Partner for almost two decades of the French multinational company Carrefour, in 2005, Pande was responsible for the grand project of creating the brand Viver. Through an extensive and intense collaborative process, we act on the strategic conceptualization of the brand, its visual identity, packaging design and graphic design. 


So Viver came to life, a brand that was born and award-winning label, that was responsible for a series of innovations, including with regard to the graphic structure. At the time of its conception, the challenge of the project was to create a brand concept of healthy products whose communication was easily accessible. Packaging would therefore play a crucial role in communicating with consumers.


Statement of Wellington Cardoso Juliani, commercial manager of Carrefour:

“We are very proud of the partnership we have built with Pande over all these years, both in the creative area of design, as in the activities and strategic directions of branding.

 In the case of Viver, it was not a trivial job, since we had a consolidated brand and great recognition in the segment in which it operated. 

We are very pleased with the transformation proposed by Pande and we are already reaping the fruits of this change. 

Congratulations to Team Pande for another successful case with Carrefour!” 



Recently, Carrefour asked Pande for an evolution in the Identity of the Viver brand. This demand was specifically aimed at a seasonal product. The adaptation of the components of this product was so positive, generating such a surprising result, that the restructuring (which at first would be specific) extended to the entire line. 


Pande saw this challenge as an opportunity to, through a new graphic charter, further reinforce the relevance of the Viver brand in the healthy products market. We updated the codes and languages, modernizing them and making them even more expressive. However, we kept intact the original proposal of the brand, which was idealized to be a reference in the sectors in which it operates.


From a thorough analysis of the national and international market, we updated the graphic concept of the brand, ensuring the maintenance of the main highlights: the packaging remains clean, the harmony of its color palette, while preserving, however, its informative trend. 


The balance between aesthetic and functional components, aimed at an audience increasingly interested in the origin and transparency of the products they consume, represents a great innovation in the segment. The result of all this investment makes Viver, in Brazil, Carrefour‘s own brand with the highest value perception. Undoubtedly, the brand is already a classic in the category of healthy products. Long live Viver!

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