JORDANS SECTOR Food and drinks EXPERTISE Graphic design Packaging The leading brand of granola in the United Kingdom, in the process of international expansion, in Brazil since 2017, and present in five countries, Jordans belongs to ABF - Associated British Foods, which operates the Fleischmann, Blue Dragon, Twinings and Ovomaltine brands nationally. Jordans is a


JACQUET SEGMENT Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Jacquet, a French company founded in 1885, arrived in Brazil in 2012 with a line of premium products: cakes and brownies, with a foreign package language that created a distance with Brazilian consumers.   INFO CHALLENGE The visual codes used by Jacquet followed the same criteria


BAUMGART SEGMENT Retail EXPERTISE Brand Identity The strategic unification and the creation of a new visual identity of one of Brazil’s largest holdings, Grupo Baumgart, took about a year and brought on a sort of small “revolution” in the company. The project defined the Group’s new guidelines, gave birth to a new internal ethics and

NATIVE Cereals

NATIVE Cereals SEGMENT Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Native, the largest manufacturer of organic sugar in the world, present in more than 60 countries, boasting an innovative and economically viable cultivation process has, aside from sugar, a line of high quality organic products in a variety of categories.   INFO CHALLENGE This time


VEDACIT SEGMENT Industry and Retail EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Vedacit, leader in waterproofing with over 80 years in the market of civil construction, keeps innovating its portfolio. Pande has been a strategic design partner of Grupo Baumgart for over 5 years, developing branding projects, portfolio architecture, brand identity and packaging, communication campaign and point of

SODEBO Pasta Box

SODEBO Pasta Box SEGMENT Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Sodebo, the French market’s leader in ready and refrigerated foods such as pizzas, snacks, salads and meals, picked Brazil to begin their internationalization strategy. In order to conquer Brazilian customers, respecting economic and cultural aspects, the company - which has over 2000 employees and

ALICORP Sello de Oro

ALICORP Sello de Oro SEGMENT Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging ALICORP is a company which belongs to Grupo Romero and leads the Peruvian market of consumer products. Their partnership with Pande started through their home care brands, such as Bolívar, Opal and Marsella. That partnership was extended to other categories. Recently, another project


TRES SECTOR Food and baverages EXPERTISE Trends & Market Analysis Brand Platform Brand Naming Graphic Design Brand Identity INFORMATION CHALLENGE When Pande´s team took the streets of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, in search of insights for creating a brand of hot beverages in capsules, the relationship between customers and the brand was what caught our


SUAVIPAN SEGMENT Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging Suavipan was founded in the city of São Paulo in 1998 and, since then, has been focused on developing and producing the best and healthiest foods in its category. In order to do that, they work with selected ingredients. INFO CHALLENGE After an intense immersion in


CARREFOUR Viver SECTOR Food and baverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design In 2005, Pande received the challenge of creating a House Brand for Carrefour’s health foods segment, a first in the Brazilian Market at that time. And thus, following a deep study of the market and consumer behavior, trend research, brand positioning definition and the creation and