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Design Gráfico

The world’s largest producer of organic sugar, present in more than 60 countries, has an innovative and economically viable sustainable cultivation process (which is allowing the renewal of the natural ecosystem on its farms with over 300 cataloged animal species), Native , besides sugar, also has a line of high quality organic products in several categories.



Pande’s challenge was to create a garment that would convey the equities present in the language adopted by Native and, at the same time, convey the necessary appetite appeal to an indulgent product.Feito the diagnosis, Pande’s designers team created a series of concrete guidelines in the new packaging: the preservation of green as the main visual equity of the Native brand and a design for easy identification of cookies, products whose consumption is classified as indulgent.


The solution was to create a sub for cookies and the native minicookies, taking advantage of the image of cookies in the composition of the word cookie, bringing a lot of personality to the new line and differentiating, immediately, the product offered.

The result is a clean and sophisticated line of premium cookies, which stand out at the point of sale and in the category, offering flavor and health to an audience that is always in the rush of everyday life, but that does not give way to consuming beneficial products to the individual and the world.