ADRIA Plus Life


Food and Beverages


Graphic Design


M. Dias Branco, headquartered in the town of Eusébio, Ceará, is a food company which manufactures, sells and distributes cookies, pasta, cakes, snacks, wheat flour, margarine and vegetable fats across Brazil.



M. Dias Branco, the national leader in the manufacture and sales of cookies and pasta in Brazil, hired Pande to develop the identity for a new line of products with the goal of enriching the portfolio of the already well-known Adria brand. Considering the progressive rise in the consumption of healthy products, the new Adria Plus Life line is aimed at people who worry about health and well-being.


After an intense immersion process in the universe of healthy products, the new brand should be focused on consumers who seek healthy foods without giving up pleasure.

Grounded in the Big Idea “Viva com +” (“Live with +”), we created a look and feel which communicates a dynamic and “woke” language, capable of connecting the young audiences with the new brand and incentivize consumers to have a + healthy attitude.

A new icon was developed to convey healthiness and optimism. The gestual and expressive typography communicates proximity.

The images of moving cereals and the vibrant colors of the packages showcase energy and vitality and ensure a joyful touch to the identity.

Um novo ícone foi desenvolvido para transmitir saudabilidade e otimismo. A tipografia gestual e expressiva comunica proximidade.
As imagens dos cereais em movimento e as cores vibrantes das embalagens demonstram energia e jovialidade e garantem um toque alegre à identidade.