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The Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC) is an independent organization, the essential role of which is to stimulate, support and expand trade, as well as cultural and technological relationship between Brazil and Canada, within a secure and reliable environment.


Based upon the understanding that there was a need for CCBC to internally recover certain values and assume a new posture in the light of the changes and demands of changing times, the need arose to redefine its offer of worth, services and even its positioning in the market.
Further to this, such a strategic redefining needed to be tailored into a new tangible brand design and visual identity.

Through a range of interviews and workshops with its collaborators, we conducted a deep immersion into the universe of the institution, into understanding both its challenges and  abilities, and particularly into its vision for the future. From this, it became possible to elaborate a new brand platform that provided clarity in terms of the vocation and “raison d’être” of CCBC.

Inspired and steered by these new guidelines, we began the project of redesigning both the brand, as well as its visual expression, with the aim of  translating and making its new positioning visible,  to collaborators and market alike.

The redesigning of the brand, the choice of colors and the linguistic solution combined to provide a modern and flexible graphic identity that reflects  connected, dynamic and human organization. The new identity transmits the merits and values of CCBC: in essence, its ability to promote inspiring links and ties between countries, companies and people.