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In the market since 2003, Goiás Verde Alimentos is a modern and consolidated industry located in one of the largest agribusiness areas in Brazil. Its products are quality exponents, especially their Bonare and Tomadoro Premium brands.



Goiás Verde sought out Pande to develop the positioning and new visual identity of the Bonare brand. The project began with an immersion in the market and the company itself: workshops with the team, interviews with the board and audits at points of sale were carried out. The diagnostics revealed that Bonare was widely recognized as a quality product brand, but its recognition as a food company was smaller. It was concluded that such gap was due to the lack of consistency and visual unity in its product line.


Taking into account the strategic recommendations, we immersed ourselves in the categories in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each, evaluate the best resources we could explore in the new packages and look for insight in the corresponding categories that could be applied to the project.

The concept created by Pande puts the brand as an ally of customers when preparing their meals. The new packages come with pictures with much appetite appeal that make the products stand out and differentiate themselves.

In order to reinforce the positioning as a specialist brand, we created a guarantee seal and performed a lifting in the logo to improve its readability and make it more modern.

To reinforce expert brand positioning, we created a guarantee seal and did a facelift to improve your readability and make it more modern.