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3 Corações, national leader of retail coffee sales, realized the imminence of a transformation in its segment: the search for SPECIAL coffees.

Pande aided in the creation of the line of coffees which offers the production of special lots from traditional coffee producing regions of Brazil.




Pande, a partner of 3 Corações for more than 10 years in the development of packaging and identity, was called for the creation of a new line of differentiated coffees which were to be part of an investment in the sales of special coffees.

With a more premium concept, this line extends the portfolio of the group’s toasted & ground and coffee pods, evidencing, more and more, the brand’s concern for offering high quality experiences to its consumers.


From a new rationalization of the organization of 3 Corações’ brands and lines, Pande created a new identity standard, a new version of the logo highlighting the golden and the visual codes of premiumness which the brand wished to convey through this line.

The inspiration came from the singularities translated through references to the different producing regions. The labels bring informations about those regions and the product’s characteristics. In the creative process, the white chromatic code was used, atypical in the category and which, therefore, stands out from the colorfulness of the brand’s regular line. All to show the superior quality of the line of special coffees and allowing it to stand out in the shelves.

A well balanced language which conveys simplicity, coziness, sophistication, using textures and presentation pictures in unusual angles in order to make the contact with the audience even more memorable.