SODEBO Pizza Oval


Food and Beverages


Graphic Design


Sodebo, a company which leads the French market of ready and refrigerated foods, picked Brazil and Pande to kickstart their internationalization strategy. After the launch of Pasta Box, a line of fresh pasta ready to consume, they decided to extend their product offer and launch, in 2017, a line of refrigerated pizzas.



The project began at the end of 2015 with an immersion work in the segment, to analyze the exposition of products in the channels and understand the main differentials among the types of pizza offered in the market.


Based on the material gathered during the immersion phase and on focus groups, we studied the public’s perceptions regarding the segment, analyzed possible positioning territories, types of packages and gathered insights which would help in developing the line. From that point on, the strategic guidelines which directed the package creating process were established and the result can be seen in the layouts through the irreverence of the chosen fonts, the clear differentiation of the flavors, through the use of joyful and vibrant images and colors, on top of the large transparent area for visualizing the product.