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Catupiry, a 100% Brazilian company founded more than a century ago, contacted Pande with the challenge of revitalizing its brand position and preparing the company for a new growth cycle.



The project started with an immersion in the market and in the very company. Workshops were held with the team, members of the Board of Directors were interviewed, discussion groups with consumers were organized, and audits were undertaken at the points of sale.

Our diagnostic revealed that Catupiry, a company that is the synonym of a cheese product category, was widely known as a product brand but overlooked as a food company, and the lack of consistency and visual unity in its line of products only reinforced that gap.


In order to face those challenges and recommend a more strategic solution, in addition to proposing a new brand position, Pande recommended new approaches, both in terms of brand architecture and to reorganize its product portfolio.

In order to empower the brand’s expressions, and to make it more visible at the points of sale, Pande not only created a new visual language for the packaging line (in compliance with the characteristics of each product offered by the brand), but also suggested a subtle and delicate redesigning of the brand’s logo, which lost its former outlines to acquire greater readability and modernity.

The colorful watercolors utilized in its new Identity System were selected as the element to unite all the brand portfolio items, thus making the line much more impacting and recognizable at supermarkets.

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