QSAÚDE Health Plan SECTOR Health EXPERTISE Brand Identity Qsaúde was designed to be a distinctive brand in its category. The reference for its implementation is the international models of health insurance plans that invert the logic of the traditional approach, that is: from the exclusive treatment of the disease, the focus of the new models


CHAMBINHO Petit suisse SECTOR Food, Beverages EXPERTISE Packaging Design, Redesign Chambinho is a historic brand of Nestlé and has not updated its visual language for years. Thus, the Dairy Partners Americas team requested that we investigate the petits-suisses market, analyze the brand equities, considering national and international trends in order to present different strategic options

Carrefour Viver

CARREFOUR Viver SECTOR Food and Drinks EXPERTISE Brand Identity Brand Architecture Partner for almost two decades of the French multinational company Carrefour, in 2005, Pande was responsible for the grand project of creating the brand Viver. Through an extensive and intense collaborative process, we act on the strategic conceptualization of the brand, its visual identity, packaging


TUHU Special meats SETOR Food, Beverages EXPERTISE Strategy, Naming, Packaging, Visual Identity With strict quality control ranging from animal breeding, meat processing to selection of cuts, TUHU was born to provide memorable experiences - whether at barbecues or everyday meals. Uniting quality and practicality in the same place, with all the products and services that


NESFIT Yogurts SETOR Food and Beverage EXPERTISE Shape, Packaging Design Our consuming habits have changed. We are increasingly concerned about demands as healthiness, naturalness and especially with the truth about everything we eat. Eyeing this new context, Nestlé DPA decided to change the category of yogurts and launched a brand new line of products focused


Allpoints - #WeAreAllTravelers
ALLPOINTS Easy to get, better to travel SECTOR Technology, Hospitality EXPERTISE Strategy, Branding, Visual Identity Allpoints is an innovative startup that, in 2016, started operations as a loyalty program for independent hotel chains. In 2019, due to its enormous success, it started a new round of investments (Series A) with the objective of raising funds


NAUTA Sailing is necessary! SETOR Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Branding, Naming, Graphic Design, Packaging Attentive to the expansion of craft breweries market in Brazil, the multinational corporation Carrefour invited Pande to drive the process of creating a new exclusive brand, with the goal of democratizing the consumption of craft beers and, thus, increase special beers


COLORÊ Caring each step. SETOR Retail EXPERTISE Strategy, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Pimpolho, a children’s brand that is present throughout Brazil and in more than 40 countries, seeking to make its brand more competitive in the children’s fashion market and prepare for online product sales, sought Pande as a partner to assist in decisions


ADESTE We see future in everything. SETOR Retail EXPERTISE Strategy, Identity and Brand Architecture Marked by ethics and creative spirit, the history of Adeste still begins in Europe, with the emergence of the friendship between Anton Kratschmer and Franz Kienast, who would later found the company’s first company, already in Brazil. INFO CHALLENGE Driven by

Carrefour Terroirs du Monde

CARREFOUR TERROIRS DU MONDE SETOR Beverages EXPERTISE Brand Identity Packaging Design Carrefour Brazil, sensitive to the lack of reference that often faces the consumer who has to deal with an increasing number of references and origins of wine, entrusted to Pande the development of a new line of incoming wines, of own brand, formed by