Korin is a pioneer brand in the production and marketing of organic food in Brazil, and has been helping to build the healthy eating market for over 20 years.

Created on a strong philosophical foundation that brings “the Good, the Beauty, and the Truth,” the brand is preparing for a new cycle of growth. To do this, it relied on Pande to update its brand strategy, reorganize its portfolio architecture and packaging design.

The organic market is growing at a double-digit pace, despite the pandemic. This growth enabled Korin to expand its participation, both in share and in categories.

However, it generated a vast portfolio of products that are difficult to differentiate between the lines. In addition, the entry of major competitors in the segment caused Korin’s pioneering visual equities to begin to dissolve in consumer perception.

It was necessary to return to the leading role, visually distance itself from the competitors, and lead innovation in the organic market.

Korin’s great un-copyable uniqueness is the very essence of the brand. Korin was born 26 years ago, when healthy eating was not a trend, and the brand’s purpose is based on a philosophy that preaches healthy and natural food, because it is the right thing. This philosophical guideline made the brand emerge even before there was a strong consumer demand.

The new positioning “naturally doing good” guided the revitalization of the brand language and the new portfolio architecture.

The three new lines have names that are an invitation for healthy eating to gradually become a habit: Que Tal (What about?), Boa Pedida (Good Choice), and Orgânica (Organic).


To understand Korin’s real uniqueness, initially Pande’s team immersed itself in understanding Mokiti Okada’s philosophy, which guides the brand’s principles.

Mokiti Okada (1882-1995) was the forerunner of Natural Farming. Born in Japan, he also devoted himself to the studies of art, education, economics, spirituality, philosophy, medicine, politics, and religion. His legacy is an invitation to build a society that is altruistic, harmonious, spiritualistic, and oriented to the laws of nature.

“Man’s words and attitudes must be beautiful.

From the expansion of individual Beauty, social Beauty will be born, that is, personal relationships will become beautiful.”

Mokiti Okada (1882-1995)

After this conceptual dive, market and competition analyses were made, as well as brand image analysis and studies of its production chain.

Creative Direction

Based on the brand’s pillars (The Good, The Beauty, and The Truth), the Pande team sought visual references in art, nature, architecture, philosophy, and Japanese culture.

Art and Nature

These were the two guiders elected for the revision of the visual identity, since Korin’s brands and packaging should express values such as quality and fullness of life, through an inspiring aesthetic.