Known internationally for its colorful lentils, the chocolate brand M&M’s turned 80 in 2021. Produced by Mars Wrigley, one of the largest food, chocolates and candies, the corporation operates in more than 180 countries and has been in Brazil for 40 years.

We were invited to redesign the packaging following “Correio Elegante” (secret note) theme, inspired by a similar project the brand had developed in the United States. There were 15 fun phrases that we had to work with different letterings for the Peanut, Chocolate and Crispy flavor variants. We focus on the importance of maintaining the brand’s protagonism and each message harmonized with the performance of the illustrated characters.

The fun phrases and affectionate dialogues worked as Correio Elegante messages, typical of the Brazilian June Festivals. The M&M’s themed packaging transformed the traditional game of exchanging messages into something fun and great for interacting with those we like.

In these examples we can see how well the various affectionate and playful phrases were used, included according to each brand character’s personality and also connected to different consumer profiles, stimulating conversations and moments that make people smile.