Saudali, a company born from the entrepreneurial and collaborative vision of 42 pig farmers from the Piranga Valley region in Minas Gerais, was going through a period of expansion, with the purpose of increasing its production capacity, improving its national operations, and expanding its product line beyond pork protein, turning into a Food industry.

Based on these purposes, our challenge was to understand which were the brand’s main values and how these values could be worked on to increase business competitiveness, aligning the company’s strategy with the strategy of different brands, sub-brands, and product lines to transmit these changes through a new brand language that would represent the company’s new moment for the main audiences involved.

Based on the insight “Simple Done Right”, we developed the brand’s new positioning focused on realigning the company’s mentality to communicate in an affectionate, caring way that would value its origin with pride, while preserving its simple way of being.

After the strategic process, it was necessary to revise the brand’s visual identity to symbolize the company’s new moment and increase consumers’ perception of value versus its competitors.

Started with the logo redesign, which preserved much of the current equities and focused on being more comprehensive (with the removal of the pig symbol) and on gaining readability through a rework of its typography. The yellow strokes, traces of the ellipsis used previously, semiotically represent the care that the brand has for its consumers, employees, and products.

On the packaging, the brand colors are no longer just inside the ellipsis, and now become part of the whole language, valuing them as an important asset in distinguishing itself versus its competitors. The logo becomes more important, as well as a photographic work aimed at enhancing the appetite appeal and preparation suggestions of the products.

In the brand and portfolio architecture, all the company’s brand assets were reorganized, with clear roles for sub-brands such as the premium line “Saudali Apreciatta”, the relaunch of a commercial occupation brand, Saborear, aimed at serving as commercial protection for the Saudali brand and product lines. In this tool, the future categories and types of proteins were also included, thus creating a tool that would support not only the current portfolio but also focused on the company’s future.