YAMAMURA light, design & technology

Yamamura - light, design, technology
YAMAMURA Light, Design & Technology SETOR Varejo EXPERTISE Estratégia, Identidade e Arquitetura de Marca Considered the largest megastore of the Latin American segment, brand Yamamura has become an icon in the market by offering a complete mix of lighting solutions - both decorative, as technique - combining quality and competitive price to a team of


BROTO LEGAL SECTOR Food and Beverage EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging A company with over 50 years in the market of rice and bean, and one of the most renowned brands in São Paulo´s countryside, Broto Legal was changing all its structure. After the acquisition by a new economic group, the brand got a new direction:


BONARE SEGMENT Food and Beverages EXPERTISE Graphic Design Packaging In the market since 2003, Goiás Verde Alimentos is a modern and consolidated industry located in one of the largest agribusiness areas in Brazil. Its products are quality exponents, especially their Bonare and Tomadoro Premium brands. INFO CHALLENGE Goiás Verde sought out Pande to develop the


Catupiry: a new face icon
CATUPIRY SECTOR Food and baverages EXPERTISE Brand Architecture Graphic Design Catupiry, a 100% Brazilian company founded more than a century ago, contacted Pande with the challenge of revitalizing its brand position and preparing the company for a new growth cycle. INFORMATION CHALLENGE The project started with an immersion in the market and in the very