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The line of padlocks Papaiz won more than a redesign, reached a new market positioning with the redesign of the product itself. The padlock, which was previously consumed by necessity, has become a product of impulse buying. The packaging and displays exhibitors had an important role in communicating the new positioning of the product, enabling the purchase and urging consumers.



Update the packaging of padlocks Papaiz, creating a campaign point of sale in line with the statement of packaging and go further, opening a new market, new channels, giving new meaning to the category and revitalizing Papaiz’s image as an innovative company.


The brand has strengthened its engagement with costumers with the innovative line and transformed a commodity into an object of desire. 15% increase in numbers of points of purchase with new sale channels 127% sales increase. 10 points on new products’ profit. Creation of a new market niche – 75% share.

For decoration of locks designed a sleever sticker that can be decorated with different illustrations, enabling the launch of promotional campaigns and commemorative products, such as licensed products packaging and locks, like Pucca and Ben 10.