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A company with over 50 years in the market of rice and bean, and one of the most renowned brands in São Paulo´s countryside, Broto Legal was changing all its structure. After the acquisition by a new economic group, the brand got a new direction: to become one of the greatest companies of rice and bean in the country.



A bold goal like this one asked for a winning strategy, and for this process, Broto Legal searched for Pande to help them in the task to design a new strategy for its brands and products portfolio.


Working in three fronts: the strategy team of Pande, the marketing team and the presidency of Broto Legal, the project was divided in two great cycles of work: the first, focused in the brand´s strategy and in the reorganization of its architecture and portfolio of products. And, subsequently, a second cycle with focus in the new position and a new visual identity for the brand´s packages.

With a methodology oriented to always search for a unique value that combines the expectations of the consumers to the truths of the brand. In the immersion stage, we found out that Broto Legal was the only company in the market of rice and bean that tests its products against the presence of pesticides. A concern with the quality of the product oriented to the health of the consumers in categories in which the consume habit is daily. With this discovery, the entire brand´s strategy was reoriented to highlight this central quality, from that emerged the new affirmation of position that communicates clearly the perspective of the company on daily feeding: you healthier every day.

Guided by the intention of the new shareholders to increase the acting of the group, besides the new statement of position and brand platform, a process of renewal of the architecture, elasticity and potential of expansion of each one of the brands was made and the reorganization of its products portfolio. The result was a new matrix for the organization of the current lines of products and brands, and the creation of 3 new categories that show to the market the new position of Broto Legal.