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Graphic design

Pimpolho, a children’s brand that is present throughout the country and in more than 40 countries, seeking to make its brand more competitive in the children’s fashion market and prepare for online sales of products, sought Pande as a partner to assist in decisions on the best differentiation strategies.



Pande mapped and showed the main values of the brand and directed the company in the strengthening of its identity. With this goal, we started the construction of a synthetic brand platform, with the strengths and positioning of the business. From the joint action with the Pimpolho team was born the new brand strategy that generated changes in brand identity, portfolio architecture and communication actions.


Child development has become the brand positioning. We conclude this by understanding the journey of the mother and baby and the phases relevant to a healthy development. The division in 3 phases aims to dialogue and inform the mothers. Linked to the concept, the cost-effective business model allows access to beautiful and quality shoes.

The brand’s tagline: ‘Carinho at every step’ signals the company’s commitment to its purpose.

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