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Graphic Design


Native, the largest manufacturer of organic sugar in the world, present in more than 60 countries, boasting an innovative and economically viable cultivation process has, aside from sugar, a line of high quality organic products in a variety of categories.




This time it was the cereal line’s turn to be revitalized, a strategic market for Native, very competitive and with the presence of large brands. The project was guided by the design strategy created by Pande for Native, which stands on three pillars:


The packages must bring engaging, easy to understand information that helps people understand more about the benefits of organic foods and adopt the category.


Each package line must have individual strength within its category, without losing the association with the whole. Boldness and creativity are the tools of this pillar.

Mass consumption

The identity must escape the bucolic and rustic stereotype, this segment’s default. Native produces in large scale, it’s a strong industry but, however, it is allied to nature. And that’s precisely the characteristic we highlight in the identity.


We aligned the strength of the expression Native green with a unique and bold identity for the cereal category. Which, on the one hand, generated great impact and notoriety in the shelves and, on the other, helped shoppers identify, in a clear and immediate way, each of the line’s products. Another novelty was the inclusion of simpler recipes such as: cakes, cookies and savory dishes, creating a stronger association between the products and people’s day-to-day.

That’s the result of the union between an innovative and inspiring vision for sustainable food production with boldness, strategy and creativity in the expression of that vision in the product line.