Food and Beverages


Graphic Design


Jacquet, a French company founded in 1885, arrived in Brazil in 2012 with a line of premium products: cakes and brownies, with a foreign package language that created a distance with Brazilian consumers.




The visual codes used by Jacquet followed the same criteria than european packages, elevating the perception of quality of the products, as well as generating, in brazilian consumers, the impression that the products had elevated prices, which caused wariness. Pande also identified, after an extensive research with consumers, that the identity and exposition of the Jacquet brand induced the consumer into grouping all of the brand’s products under the category of daily use (ready cakes), disregarding the other products from the dessert (brownies) and snacks (minicakes) lines.


The main challenge of the project was bringing the brand’s language closer to Brazilians, reinforcing the idea of consumption in all three segments and finding value in the brand’s essence to beat any resistance to the purchase. To overcome this challenge, we came up with a new positioning, based in the perfect selection of ingredients and the excellence in the production: SIMPLY TASTY, SIMPLY BETTER.

The new positioning was made tangible in a new brand language, with the spotlight the products’ images, highlighting texture and flavor, and the use of vibrant colors to set apart the variants. The back of the package was used to reinforce the brand’s history and teach the customer the different ways to consume it.