SODEBO Pasta Box


Food and Beverages


Graphic Design


Sodebo, the French market’s leader in ready and refrigerated foods such as pizzas, snacks, salads and meals, picked Brazil to begin their internationalization strategy. In order to conquer Brazilian customers, respecting economic and cultural aspects, the company – which has over 2000 employees and 600 SKUs – selected PastaBox, an innovative line of fresh and refrigerated pasta ready to consume, as the brand’s precursor in the country.



Initially, PANDE’s challenge was to redesign the packages and build a relevant positioning for PastaBox. Using Brand Spread®, our exclusive tool for building brand platforms, we recommended the strategy to better translate Sodebo’s purpose and value proposal. One of the main concerns at this stage of the project was to align the positioning of the Sodebo brand in France to the meanings which would be built in Brazil through the PastaBox product.


Seeking to define the territory and identity of this line, an immersion was done in the various types of sales channels (grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.) to more deeply understand the category’s context, its exposition criteria and its competitive environment and, once the research was concluded, we crossed the information with the lifestyle and desires of the contemporary Brazilian consumer.

The result of this project is in the capacity of integrating strategy, design and innovation to build the PastaBox brand. The path of research and tracking of tastings allowed the understanding and definition of the product’s characteristics in the following premises: PastaBox is an original and tasty meal, to eat where and whenever wanted, capable of matching the life pace and expectations of consumers, and which is directly linked to the concept of freedom which is part of Sodebo’s essence.