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Vedacit, leader in waterproofing with over 80 years in the market of civil construction, keeps innovating its portfolio. Pande has been a strategic design partner of Grupo Baumgart for over 5 years, developing branding projects, portfolio architecture, brand identity and packaging, communication campaign and point of sale materials.




Three years after the launch of the new brand and the new packaging concept, Vedacit had the challenge of launching 5 new products, some extensions of existing lines and, others, new brands whose names and visual identity we needed to develop. In this process, we needed to consider how they would fit in with the existing brands’ architecture. All products to be released had an attribute in common, were easier to apply and, in the case of many of them, the customer wouldn’t need the help of a specialist, the audience to which Vedacit had always directed their communication to.


How can a waterproofing brand approach the non-specialist consumers more? That was the question that guided the whole project. Upon interviewing the marketing and product development teams at Vedacit we noticed the moment created a great opportunity for the innovation of products and communication. Taking that into account, the product application became the focus of the packages and of the communication strategy. Based on a design resource, we gamified the information about Vedacit’s products’ application by creating an icon which showed the degree of difficulty in the application of each product, the APLICÔMETRO (applicometer).

From that development we created the campaign’s concept:


The changes in the communication’s direction were big! Just placing the packages in the points of sale wouldn’t be enough to highlight the scale of the project. The recommendation was then to create a campaign strategy to communicate the products, considering that, aside from starting a conversation with the new audience, it was necessary to better inform then about the ease of application, raise awareness about the importance of waterproofing and, especially, empower the customer to do it on his own.