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The world is in motion. Over the years, time runs out and we adapt to the spaces that open up on us. If years ago, talking to a friend on the phone was enough, today a simple hello on the other side of the line is not enough.

We feel more and more the need to be present and to connect. As technology advances, distances decrease. And it is technology that will help us in this constant search for connection.

Is augmented reality already a reality?

The name may seem too futuristic, but you certainly already use AR (augmented reality). Do you know when you open an Instagram filter and it turns your face into a dog snout? Or when you use your phone to hunt Pokémon in Pokémon Go? That’s AR.

Augmented reality allows digital images to be in the same plane as real images.

Very present these days, this type of technology is an excellent tool for deconstructing distances, whether physical or not. Visiting an online museum, seeing a property you want to buy or having that experience of putting on an outfit without having to go to the store: These are some of the opportunities that Augmented Reality enables.

AR is changing the way brands relate to their audience. It is from this technology that we discover new ways to connect.

New Horizons: Hunger Cast, from Snickers

Winner of the 2021 Cannes Lion, The “Hunger Cast” campaign, by the chocolate brand Snickers, was built from augmented reality filters for Instagram. The brand launched a series of filters called “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” and each represented a type of humor: Cranky, grouchy, confused, impatient, snippy, drama mama and impatient.

Have you noticed how you can differentiate yourself by offering an accessible brand experience that everyone can participate in?

Another perspective

Another rather interesting case of investment in the tool is Nissan, which launched its Virtual Showroom. The portal allows the user to interact with Nissan products, through Augmented Reality, photos and videos of the models.

In addition, the customer can simulate that the vehicles are inside their own garage.


Are we ready?

Building bridges, changing the ways of involvement and, in addition to everything, connecting. Augmented Reality celebrates a new phase in information, Informatics and Human Relations.

The future happens now. Let’s go for it!

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