ALICORP Sello de Oro


Food and Beverages


Graphic Design


ALICORP is a company which belongs to Grupo Romero and leads the Peruvian market of consumer products. Their partnership with Pande started through their home care brands, such as Bolívar, Opal and Marsella. That partnership was extended to other categories. Recently, another project was entrusted to Pande: the renovation of the Sello de Oro brand.



The main goal was strengthening the brand’s positioning for culinary use, reinforcing that expertise and the quality through the redesign of its packages.


Taking the strategic recommendations into account, we did an immersion in the margarine category and similar ones, such as butter and cream cheese, in the Peruvian market as well as the Brazilian. Thus we were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each, evaluate the best resources we could explore in the new packages and seek insights in similar categories which could be applied to the project.

The concept created by Pande positions the brand as an ally of the customer at the time of preparing meals and desserts, presenting a few little secrets to create easy and tasty recipes. The new packages showcase illustrations which relate to the culinary world and images of recipes known by Peruvian customers, thus creating an emotional bond with the target audience.

In order to reinforce the positioning as a specialist brand we created a guarantee seal and performed a brand lifting to improve its readability and modernize it.