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Granja Mantiqueira started with only 30 thousand chicken in the late 80s, in the town of Itanhandu, Minas Gerais.
The company represents a paradigm shift in the national avicultural business, for bringing european innovations in process automation to brazilian farms.



Starting its egg production in a rented farm, Mantiqueira always sought to innovate and grow while focusing on the quality of its products. Despite being part of a highly competitive and commoditized market, Mantiqueira, largest egg producer in South America, looked for a way to differentiate themselves by bringing an innovative communication and brand strategy to the segment. As part of the plan, an exclusive seal was added to their products and the “Eggs have a brand. Eggs are Mantiqueira” campaign. Also, a new visual identity was implemented in their line of products, more aligned with the new business goals.


After an immersion and point of sale analysis of the main players, we created a proprietary layout structure which helps the customer to understand Mantiqueira’s extensive portfolio. In order to do that, we explored different colors for each variation and gave the brand more visibility. 

We explored the use of wood and brush strokes to reinforce the differentiated positioning, more connected to the rural and natural.We also generated appetite appeal with pictures of a broken egg, investing in the presentation of the product’s transparency to the customer.

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