Brand Identity

The strategic unification and the creation of a new visual identity of one of Brazil’s largest holdings, Grupo Baumgart, took about a year and brought on a sort of small “revolution” in the company.

The project defined the Group’s new guidelines, gave birth to a new internal ethics and conduct manual applicable to all of its companies and also developed the company’s new logo, representing it as it wished to be understood: a strong, solid and modern family group.




Representing in one image alone all of the strategy of a vast and diverse group like Baumgart, holder of businesses in retail, hospitality and farming, without abandoning the story of each company and their own identities: that was the challenge with which the agency was presented when it was hired to design the company’s visual identity, consolidate and align the plans of companies Vedacit, Expo Center Norte, Shopping Center Norte, Lar Center, Novotel São Paulo and Fazendas Reunidas.


The solution strengthened the companies in the face of much competition and facilitated internal and external communication. The brand’s design visually materializes the strategic pillars defined for the Group: growth, continuity, transformation and engagement, values defined from the information obtained in interviews made with workers, shareholders and managers of the enterprises.

The “engagement” is represented by shapes that complement each other, while “continuity” is symbolized by sinuous shapes which create a clear feeling of continuity and dynamism. “Transformation”, meanwhile, was materialized in an image formed by the intersection of two elements, which suggests continuous transformation. Finally, the color palette conveys balance and modernity, reflecting the new moment of Grupo Baumgart.