When Pande´s team took the streets of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, in search of insights for creating a brand of hot beverages in capsules, the relationship between customers and the brand was what caught our attention. The experience of having a cup of coffee, of course, was created by the service efficiency and beverage quality but most of all represented an important moment of the day, which needed to be comforting and positive.

It was based on such premise that Pande collaborated with the strategy and created the visual identity, the naming and the identity of TRES´s line of products, brand recently launched by 3Corações Group, one of the biggest food companies in Brazil, and which inaugurates the entry of the company in the beverages in capsules segment, a very promising market in the country.

A well-balanced language, which transmits simplicity, warmth, sophistication and uses textures and presentation photos in unusual angles to make the contact between product and consumers even more comfortable e remarkable.