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3 Corações, the national leader in retail coffee sales, saw the imminence of a transformation of its segment: increasing demand for specialty coffee. Pande assisted in the creation of the coffee line that commercializes special batch productions of traditional coffee growing regions Brazilians.



Pande is responsible for the development of all the brand language of capsule brand TRES, 3 Hearts. Aiming at expanding the line and entering the category of specialty coffees, we were presented with the challenge of creating a new line of origin coffees from the main coffee regions of the world. This new line, in addition to bringing language elements from the brand TRES , needed to express, in an evident way, the country of Origin of the coffee.


After researching the history and main cultural and artistic movements of each country, we have built a packaging structure that facilitates the recognition of the brand and product line and, at the same time, represents, through its graphics, each region of origin of its grains .

Using the design of the map of each country, highlighted, our design clearly communicates the origin of the producing region and creates a clear point of difference between the products of the line. We also use typographies that represent each country of origin. All this to harmonize with the illustration of each region.