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Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Established as one of the leading capsule beverage brands in the country, the TRES brand of the 3corações group had the challenge of renewing its positioning and packaging. Known for the quality of its coffees, the project should increase awareness of the range of beverages, reinforcing the brand equity achieved since its launch 6 years ago.



Directed by the three different beverage categories (coffees, teas and creamy beverages), the project began by investigating which sensory attributes are relevant to the consumer. The consistency of the espresso crema, the creaminess of the cappuccinos foam and the freshness of the tea leaves gained prominence in the packaging, generating greater identification and flavor perception. For each type of drink, images were produced that highlight the qualitative details of the product.


The project also reinforced a proprietary brand attribute: the heart. Present in the TRES brand and associated with the 3corações group, the heart symbol was evidenced in exclusive cups and also in the illustration of each drink, which generated iconic images that strengthen the positioning of the brand. In addition to the emotional appeal, the appropriation of the heart was a key point for communicating with the consumer in a unique and close way.

The result is a packaging line designed for a consumer who understands that capsule drinks should have perfect flavor, texture, color and aroma, as well as practicality. Attributes that the TRES brand is keen to deliver to its audience are now properly communicated on their packaging.

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