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Brand Identity

With more than 30 years of operation, Grupo Tauá de Hotéis felt the need to carry out a broad Branding project in order to reorganize its main brand equities.



Our initial challenge was to answer the following question: what is the main value delivered by the Tauá brand in your business?


By means of a profound process of immersion and diagnose that considered the market´s trends in global hotel business, interviews with the brand´s stakeholders and field visit (in the position of mystery shopping), we identify the essence of the value offered historically by Tauá Group, summarized in the new position: “Life with more smiles”. This position was born from the interpretation that the trip is an important tool of RENOVATION. The understanding and diffusion of this value, when perfectly combined with a solid culture of attendance in its grand structures, is transformed into an exclusive receipt of the group.

From the identification of the new position and the construction of a new platform of brand, we could restructure the architecture of the group´s brands and initiate a process of review of its identity to transmit, efficiently, the new territories of expression. The logo got a new version with the monogram reconstructed, becoming an iconic symbol of the brand´s personality. With amicable curves and a movement that evokes the “Smiles culture”, it expresses concepts of welcome and renewal.

In addition to the new brand, the entire visual universe of Tauá was reconsidered: with the color palettes, graphisms, iconography, photographic style and typography. All in order to turn the communications of the Resorts closer and more focused in the people´s experience.

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