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Strategy, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging

Pimpolho, a children’s brand that is present throughout Brazil and in more than 40 countries, seeking to make its brand more competitive in the children’s fashion market and prepare for online product sales, sought Pande as a partner to assist in decisions on the best differentiation strategies.



The Pimpolho brand positions itself on the market with products for early childhood (0 to 3 years) and is highly recognized by mothers, who are the main decision makers in the purchase of shoes and clothing for children of this age group. In order to expand its portfolio, the company had the challenge of launching products for children aged 4 to 9 years. After the stage of understanding the behavior of children at this age, it was diagnosed that the brands cease to place the mother as the protagonist in communication and start to dialogue directly with the child, establishing interaction with the children’s universe.


It was necessary to reposition the brand, and create a new stimulus language centered on the child’s role, making it clear that it is no longer a communication based on the child’s development (dialogue with the mother), but: that the brand understands, is part and dialogues with that specific phase, of greater independence, of the children. Based on the strategic definitions, we worked on revising the logo. We invested in more simplicity and modernity as a graphic solution, along with an expressive color palette that conveys a feeling of fun and imagination.

The composition with different typographic styles offers possibilities to create a playful universe for brand communication, the direction of the photographic style presents children with a cheerful, friendly and expressive attitude and movements.