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Along with the complete redesign of Broto Legal packaging and lines, the company is starting a new moment, which focus is to become, increasingly, an important player in the rice and bean segment.



From a strategic project of expansion of its line of products, Broto Legal decided to invest in the creation of a new brand of rice directed to the public that appreciates Japanese food, respecting the specific codes of the rice category of the oriental cuisine.


In addition to all the strategy of portfolio that resulted in the creation of the brand, we created the name Kangai, based on its meaning: watering, represents the ancient culture of rice cultivation in Japan. We use the traditional Japanese writing and illustrations of the swamp areas of rice cultivation, typical of the Japanese region. We present a concept of package that connects the consumer to Japan and its traditions.

The diagramming of the information, following the logic of top-down writing of the Japanese language, framed by a minimalist, traditional and almost bucolic illustration of the Japanese swamp fields, is presented on a package fully transparent, highlighting the quality of the Kangai grains.

The new package presents a visual language that forwards to a product totally focus in the Japanese cuisine, attesting the quality of the product to the demanding consumers of this category.

The new brand, along with the complete redesign of position of packages and lines of Broto Legal, represents a new moment of the company focused in becoming, increasingly, an important player in the segment.