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Strategy, Identity and Brand Architecture

Marked by ethics and creative spirit, the history of Adeste still begins in Europe, with the emergence of the friendship between Anton Kratschmer and Franz Kienast, who would later found the company’s first company, already in Brazil.



Driven by the 3rd generation of the Kratschmer and Kienast families, Adeste continues to focus on expanding the business, with relentless insight and pulsating creativity working to find new ways to produce, surpassing existing standards and constantly pushing beyond its limits. Our job was to understand the main business values of the Adeste group, owner of 8 companies in different segments, and to organize in a clear and synergistic way the role of each of them. Thus ensuring an effective communication for all its stakeholders.


The brand architecture strategy had as a guideline to organize and rationalize Adeste’s offerings under a single brand. With the need to bring more agility and lightness to operations, integration into a single group, which started to optimize processes and catalyze synergy was the main solution.

Under this new organization, it was possible for the company to see potential for new business in the segments already in operation.