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Sailing is necessary!


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Attentive to the expansion of craft breweries market in Brazil, the multinational corporation Carrefour invited Pande to drive the process of creating a new exclusive brand, with the goal of democratizing the consumption of craft beers and, thus, increase special beers sales in their stores.



Is unusual to find someone who, in recent years, has not tasted a new beer and asked: why not tasted it before? That’s because the more you know new tastes, the more you want to experience new labels. A real revolution in the already ingrained habit of consumption of beer in Brazil. Only in the year 2019, there was an increase of over 150% in the supply of labels for specialty beers. For standard beer, the increase was only 1.7%, even though this sector is still the holder of the highest sales, with almost 70%. Considering this scenario, Carrefour decided to create a new exclusive brand that would guarantee a offer of quality products at affordable prices.



For the development of a relevant concept and position for the NEW brand among craft beers, we did a great immersion process in the segment with the intention of identify the key codes of the category; how brands told their stories and which symbols were used in their narratives. Unlike what happens with the brands of beers common, craft breweries have greater freedom in the construction of their identities routes. They experience visual elements in their territories symbolic, mystical, irreverent and archetypal.

Based on the outcome of the investigation phase, Pande’s strategy team recommended the creation of a NAME and a SYMBOL significant to express the adventure spirit of the new brand.

NAUTA highlights the search of new consumers for different flavors and sensations. The rustic traits of the brand design suggests the meticulous manufacturing process, letter by letter. An analogy to the production of specialty beers that establishes a parallel with the rudiments of shipbuilding. The helm symbol in symbiosis with hops reinforces the idea of ??an exploratory expedition and a unique brewing cartography in which the craft beer represents the thirst for new discoveries.

Cerveja Amburana Ale

Nauta is an invitation to adventure. An expedition to the discovery of the finest treasures and ideal blend. Guided by tradition of craft beers, we found the perfect route of flavors and aromas. Embark on this journey of spices. With Nauta, the consumer is promoted to helmsman of the journey. Sailboats prepared to cross the rough seas of the brewer virtuosity. Sailing is necessary!

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