Understanding creativity and the importance of the creative process

Consider the pizza package below. It improves the consuming experience, making it more fun and practical for the consumer. By turning into a table, it can facilitate the life of someone who wants to eat their slices in bed, without dirtying dishes and with maximum comfort. It is, basically, a package creatively designed. Creativity can

Excellence in Management

After 40 years as an executive in the field of finances, Pande’s CEO, Fernando Faria, arrived determined to bring the most modern management techniques to the field of creativity. “My cachaça are the processes”. To many, it’s difficult to imagine Fernando Faria, Pande’s Chief Executive Officer, speaking that way. But all it takes is asking

Augmented reality in packages: giving wings to consumers’ imagination

A static image coming to life in front of your eyes is no longer something out of a sci-fi movie. The technology known as augmented reality (AR) has become popular through smartphones, coming to be used in different ways across segments. The packaging industry couldn’t be any different. AR is already seen as a great