Omnichannel: you need to know this strategy


Frequent changes in consumption patterns require companies to constantly adapt to the needs and interests of customers. In this context, innovations in the field of technology, in recent years, directly impact the retail sector, which needs to adapt its products and services to the digital scenario. However, traditional consumer models – such as customers going

Packaging design: how can you use it to build customer loyalty?


Good service, products that deliver what they promise and good payment terms are some of the strategies used by brands to ensure that consumers’ expectations are met, thus generating a positive experience and considerably increasing the chances of these customers’ loyalty. And in this context, packaging design plays a fundamental role. According to the Packaging

Find out how brands can prepare for the future of work

The corporate world has been going through a series of changes in recent years, brought, in large part, by successful companies from Silicon Valley that spread the “startups culture”. Gradually, gamified operations, informal dress code, offices with games and fun decorations were inserted in the dynamics of organizations that started to orient their business models

Interactive videos: the trend that has revolutionized the user experience


Tutorials on IGTV, music clips on YouTube, series on Netflix, viral videos on Whatsapp … The influence of audiovisual on digital scenarios is undeniable. The consumption of online videos has grown on a large scale in recent decades and this has enabled the creation of an even more engaging style of production: interactive videos. To