Sustainable packaging: what alternatives are transforming the market?


If packaging initially had the primary function of protecting products, and to facilitate the measurement process and transportation, today they are one of the most important interfaces for brands to communicate their values and get closer to the universe of the consumers. But, every year, landfills and oceans receive tons of packaging discarded incorrectly, generating

What behaviors are transforming the health and wellness sector?


Frankly speaking: you also thought it was nice to spend nights working, didn’t you? But after decades of valuing behaviors that would make our grandmothers scared, people are finally understanding that taking care of their health, physically and mentally, is very important. What has changed since then? The pandemic’s ear tug, capable of turning any

Revisions: 5 ways to reduce it in your projects


Long search for references, hours and hours for the construction of an innovative and functional project, high expectations and a lot of anxiety for the moment of the presentation … And then, an unexpected feedback: the client asked for a revision. If you provide design services, you’ve probably experienced similar situations, haven’t you? The Revision,

Design Thinking: how to use it to innovate your business model?


In such a competitive environment and with accelerated digital transformations, identifying innovative business opportunities is not a simple task. So how do you stay relevant to your audience and achieve sustainable results over time? Fortunately, Design Thinking offers interesting tools for designers and brands to rethink business models, develop new perspectives, create differentiated solutions and

How brands can help people cope with anxiety

A brief look at contemporary phenomena – climate change, accelerated routine, excessive charges, unstable political scenarios, pandemic, economic crisis, excessive information and hate speech – is enough to understand some of the factors that have affected almost everyone, in different ways and proportions, driving symptoms of anxiety and depression disorders. In Brazil, the situation is