Find out how brands can prepare for the future of work

The corporate world has been going through a series of changes in recent years, brought, in large part, by successful companies from Silicon Valley that spread the “startups culture”. Gradually, gamified operations, informal dress code, offices with games and fun decorations were inserted in the dynamics of organizations that started to orient their business models

How can new consumer behaviors influence private labels?

Disruptive changes and uncertainties caused by the coronavirus crisis have created unprecedented consumption behaviors, accelerating trends that were already underway. People have demanded new positions and actions by the brands, which, in response, are already adopting different resilience tactics to face the challenges of the scenario. For the private label segment, which grew in the

Lettering fever: a new role for design

From time to time, some styles or behaviors appear in certain areas of society, such as sports, politics, fashion and design. They start to transform the context in which they are inserted, marking an era or a generation. This is the case with lettering, a fever driven by teenagers, which has been showing signs that