Logo Types: Study Reveals Which Works Best

Building brands is a job that involves choices. Most of them are quite challenging. Deciding which elements will make up a logo, for example, what its colors will be, the typography… This is all part of a complex process and there is no easy recipe to follow. However, there are some guidelines that help a

Vintage design: what’s so special about the old stuff?

Nostalgia, longing, sentimentality… Whatever the most appropriate term to explain the phenomenon, one thing cannot be argued: old stuff has been getting the attention of many people.  This is why, making reference to what has already “gone by” has become a widespread trend, ranging from audiovisual to fashion, through various creative works. But, after all,

Memes: How can they be used by brands?

If you accessed the internet today you probably come across some memes out there. This content, mostly funny and shared through videos, images and audios, has already taken over the social networks and other digital environments. Some even say that they have become the official language of the Internet, especially among the young people of

Check out the main trends in logo design

Creating the graphic representation of a brand, conveying the essence of its characteristics and values, is quite the complex task for designers. That’s because logos are perfect examples of how every detail makes a difference in the final result. Often, changes in colors and typography can completely alter the way in which many consumers interpret