Catupiry, much more than Catupiry

When your product is so successful, but so successful, that it becomes synonymous with the category, can it end up eclipsing the brand? Yes, it is possible. At least, this is what we verified in our immersion inside Catupiry. In a long and detailed process, we conducted workshops with the team, interviews with the board

How can the decentralized mindset prepare your business for the future?

Adapting quickly has never been more important in the business world. Thanks to the changes brought about by globalization, digitalization and social justice guidelines – such as the struggles for racial and gender equity – for our routines, traditional models have gradually given way to more dynamic proposals, aligned with a decentralized mindset in the

Why did typography become the star of branding projects?


Have you analyzed the most successful branding projects in recent years? If you look closely, you will see that there is something common between them: typography. During our internal cycle of lectures, Pande Wise, the typographer Fábio Haag said: the typographic font gained prominence in the visual communication of the brands.  Haag’s quote was reinforced