About us

A mentality driven by the idea of value.

We understand, study and reinvent ourselves. We want to find the unique truth behind each brand. To rethink the logic, design value, spread differentiation. In essence, we are creative consultants. We work with process design, thoughts and expressions of a brand. In experience, we transform businesses and build cultures. We have the knowledge to plan for the future and generate growth with innovation. Since 2002, we are Pande because we are all of us. We are designers, planners, entrepreneurs. We are client, market and consumers. We bring strategy to the core of creation and creation to the core of strategy. We awake the brand culture in each person that gets involved with it.


Meet the members of our team.

Fernando Faria

Chief Executive Officer

Economist with extensive experience in the management of large companies. Leads Pande like a family, where everyone contributes ideas. His hobbies are reading the great philosophers and growing orchids.

Marta Cardoso

Chief Creative Officer

Founder and responsible for the agency’s creative department. Loves to go for long bicycle rides, drinking a good smoothie and doing yoga, not necessarily in that order. When she is not creating, she is creating…

Gian Rocchiccioli

Chief Strategy Officer

“Creer que todo tiene solución no es optimismo. Es talento.”

Cristina Pacini

Chief Financial Officer

What she loves most in life is traveling and seeing new places and cultures. Spends hours studying maps and travel plans. Her biggest dream is to travel the world without a return date and, who knows, maybe living in Paris.

Alessandra Diniz

Accounts Director

Believes everything is gonna be alright and that nothing is a coincidence. Cinephile. Loves design. Always likes to travel. Adventure: her skydive. Loves red!

Thiago Belas

Director of Creative Strategy

Paulista by birth and brasiliense by heart, splits his time between reading superhero comics, watching superhero movies and playing superhero with his little son, Theo. In between, loves cooking and eating a nice artisanal burger.

Daylton Almeida

Creative Director

A paulistano fascinated by music, especially Rock’n Roll. His CD and vinyl collection exceeds over 1,860 titles, ranging from Elvis to Napalm Death. He lives with his wife and 7 cats in an ecological reserve.

Camila Della Monica

Business Manager

Loves to work with clients from other countries, since those provide great opportunities for professional and personal growth. Loves to travel, seeing other cultures, making new friends and discovering the different flavors in the local gastronomy of the places she visits.

Andrea Gorian

New Business

Natasha Boglio

Gerente de negócios

Alexandre Colin

Business Manager

Designer by passion and formation. Loves to travel and to be in the company of friends and family, especially his beloved bambinos.

Fabiana Talá

Business Manager

Has to constantly come up with new things for the little twins at home. Always creating and innovating to find fun ways to teach generation Alpha. Traveling a lot to show them the world and its real beauty.

Regina Gobbi

Business Assistant

Loves: freedom and good company. Hates: rainy Mondays and show-offs. Loves: family and friends. Hates: waking up early. Wants to be: a better person… Wants to have: health! Thinks: tomorrow will be another day…

Waldir Boaretto

Creative Coordinator

In his spare time, he plays video games with his son. He loves “digging” horror movies, mystery theories, puzzles and great conspiracies of the universe. A dream: time travel! Is it possible?

Bruno Didario

Creative Director

Paulistano from the Mooca neighborhood, is passionate about aromatherapy and believes in the transforming power of thoughts. That’s why he always carries his protective rocks to keep the energy balanced.

Julia Landau

Strategy Analyst

Isis Wolf


Terrible in math, but ever since a kid always holding an infinity of coloring pencils in her hand. Wasn’t surprised to pick design as a profession. Anyone watching from the outside might think her headphones are blasting The Smiths, but in reality it’s Brazilian music. Also fluent in mockery and internet memes.

Maira Xavier


Also known as the cats, plants and incense crazy. Has a foot in music and the hand in design. A real taurus who doesn’t turn down good snacks (vegetarian, of course), good talks and listening to her playlists loaded with Chico Buarque and Elis Regina.

Jorge Páez


Likes to enjoy very personal pleasures such as the perception of her favorite movies or the reinvigorating refuge in an unknown locale. In love with Korean movies, plants, animals, waterfalls and astrology.

Lucas Pacini


Creation, design, advertisement, travel, family, friends, soccer, beach and a smile on the face. Life likes those who like living.

Renan Romão


A paulistano with a Pernambuco flavor from his parents. He likes to meet people (sense of humor is fundamental). He also enjoys cooking for friends. Playing football then, is ESSENTIAL for it to work well in your daily tasks.

Eduardo Goes


Lucia Santos

Graphic Producer

What makes her happy? A beautiful sunny day, traveling, walking, listening to music, being with family and friends, watching light movies, super relaxing!

Alessandro Barbosa


Likes to play music. Tries to master some string instruments. Despite their resistance, he doesn’t give up. Still dreams of being a pop star. “It’s never too late, never too much”, as old Chico would say.

Hildebrando Boccia

Controllership Manager

A passion: family. A food: light feijoada. A drink: beer. A hobby: sports (on TV). A song: Un amore cosi grande. A worry: the future of next generations. A secret: I can’t tell… It’s a secret!

Marta Macari


A paulistana in love with her City. She has a passion for drawing: manual work soothes her. Launches to everything with dedication and dislikes of things by half. Loves to learn new things and considers herself an optimistic person.

Elisandra Freitas


Verônica Helvia


Paulista, from Mogi to the world, lives design full time, inside and outside the workplace. Loves full house and invitations to eat and drink, like good taurine that is. Her Spotify is a kaleidoscope from Chemical Surf to Debussy. She thinks a good party must have the 90s pagodes.

Mariana Medrano


Designer that alternates pencil and mouse. She believes that we are here to evolve, so every day you can learn something. We may not be good at everything, but we must be good at everything we set out to do.

Rui Cardoso Ribeiro

General Services



To be creative and bold, capable of understanding, seducing and inspiring in the construction of desirable brands that generate value.



INTEGRITY – Ethics, coherence and transparency in everything we do.

PROFESSIONALISM – Absolute commitment to excellence.

TEAMWORK – Knowledge sharing, resources and support among all of us: team, clients and suppliers.



To be among the most recognized and admired design offices in Latin America by 2017.

The management of the business is essential to ensure the quality of our work.

Here, creativity walks hand in hand with management of our own business. The quality of our ideas is also the result of hard work in planning and sustainability. We are here to prove that creation also feeds off of processes, organization and focus on good results. Business management is one of our main focuses because it helps to ensure the fulfillment of deadlines and the high level of what we deliver, from account management to all the services that have our commitment.

All stages of our work are digitized and processed into a system created by us in partnership with an IT company. We pioneered its implementation in Brazil and chose to share it with any other agency that wished to use it.

We work that way because we are aware that the value of a brand is also built on a daily basis, from a business strategy. We convey that to our clients, but we start with ourselves


Our extranet is a project management tool that the agency offers its clients. With it it’s possible to visualize, online and in real time, project development, history and approval status from all those responsible for the process, thus eliminating the need for getting sign-offs on printed material, which in turn makes the process faster, more practical and secure.

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